Ramble Returns 8/4/14

Pigs will fly…
If they believe that, they will believe anything ! Ho Ho Ho ! Do you believe that the swine flew? The swine flu. It is a good test of our gullibility, isn’t it? How numb are we exactly? How little do we see? How closed down are our minds? How obedient have we become. This is one of many little tricks to test the water, to see what the populace will accept.

Scarlet Fever…
We have been warned that Scarlet Fever is coming our way. It is in the new school newsletter. I wonder what they will spread around to make the plan come to life? Meanwhile Kate arrives in New Zealand dressed in SCARLET.

Fake Kate…
I am pretty sure the picture of Kate at the christening is fake. It is either a double, or a robot, or a photoshop. The same “double” appears in the recent photo of her and Wills framed in a window, and almost dangling baby George out of the window, Michael Jackson style. I guess they need substitutes for when she is double booked, or off sick, or maybe even refusing to cooperate. And they are also testing us, to see if anyone notices, to see what they can get away with. If they label it “Kate”, we will all believe it is Kate, because we are ruled by the labels. I am pleased to see that my son has found a website showing several different people playing the part of the “real” one and only Hitler. These characters are all part of a show, a very sick and cruel show. (See http://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/stop-watching/)

Airport Security…
I have just returned from a trip to Copenhagen, my first trip abroad for 13 years. Airport security has stepped up a bit ! I had to take off quite a lot of clothes and my shoes to get through, all my stuff was irradiated, and so was I. All they need is a bomber to hide something up his arse, and they will have the perfect excuse to strip search everyone. This will then become one of the conditions for being allowed to use a Big Brother plane. I think aeroplanes are even more effective than driving cars for programming your mind to their rules and regulations. And we all go along with it because we want to go abroad, it is “worth it”. (See http://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/is-it-worth-it/)

This is the Danish word for an orange, can you believe it? The apple sin. Orginal oringey orangey sin, when Adam Apple got together with Orange Eve. The Germans have a similar word, which fits very well. By my reckoning, Original Sin is symbolised by the Oranges coming from Germany, and meeting the Apple in Holland, and now I find that the word for orange in this region of Europe is “apple” plus “sin”. The orange has been replaced by apple and sin. (Seehttp://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2013/12/13/consume-ate/)

Green Capital…
Copenhagen is officially the GREEN CAPITAL of Europe. I write that in capitals so that you can see it is different from green. There is very little green in Copenhagen, it is mostly buildings and roads, not trees and grass. It is GREEN because of the bikes. They build lots of extra roads for the bikes, and if everyone is travelling by bike, then they can cram more people in to the same space in their GREEN multi storey housing blocks where people live in small ECO cubes. There are more GREEN lights because they have traffic lights for bikes as well as pedestrians and cars. I am wondering if Copenhagen is also earmarked to soak up the financial GREEN CAPITAL, the money from the new GREEN way will pour into Copenhagen.
Bath Airport…
Copenhagen has a busy international airport. Bath has officially NO AIRPORT. So how come Bath has many more planes than Copenhagen, day and night, very noisy, circling around? Both cities have huge amounts of chemtrailing, but there is another type of plane, a patrol plane disguised as a passenger plane, usually EasyJet colours, or silvery, but sometimes black. We have had this in Bath for at least 2 years now.

The Queen and the Pope…I am pleased to see that I correctly predicted the Queen would gift the Pope some honey on her recent visit, in the same way that you can watch a film and guess what will happen next. (See http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/queen-elizabeth-II/10742391/The-Queen-meets-Pope-Francis-on-visit-to-Rome.html). This entire article in The Telegraph reads like a playscript, which of course is exactly what it is. The Queen and the Pope are given their props, dressed by their costume dressers, made up by make up artists, rehearsed in their scripts, and directed by the FILM DIRECTOR. Who is the film director, and is he about to reveal himself? We never see the film director, he is always off stage, behind the scenes, but he is the one who runs the show. I would say he is the same one and only GOD that is worshipped by the Pope and the Queen. And that we are being led to worship the same GOD by a different name through the world of the BIG SCREEN.

Oscar Oscars…
They mangaed to get the Oscar trial going on in tandem with the Oscars, to draw our attention to the SHOW. The courtroom drama of Oscar should really win an Oscar ! For BEST DIRECTOR perhaps. It is so convincing that most people actually believe it is real life.

Crime Scene…
I witnessed a crime scene at Copenhagen airport ! I saw several people in masks and strange costume disguises jump into a car which then sped off. I was confused that noone was reacting, then I saw why! Someone was standing at the side filming it ! It was only a film ! ….Or was it ? this would be a brilliant way of committing a crime in full view. You simply get someone to film it. Everyone is just acting, nothing to worry about if someone is screaming, it is just acting. You don’t need to shoot with guns any more, you just shoot the camera. Filming things makes everything legitimate. People even get out of your way! If you are filming something, you seem to get extra special rights to stand in everyone’s way, hold up traffic, block the street etc etc. Even the police will help you out if you are filming.

Bee Humming…
Human Being. Bees hum, humans bee. Except we don’t just be, we are too busy being human doings. We are very synchronised with the bees, and we have a Queen to feed and fatten. And we are too buzi like the bees worshipping big business. Beelife belief, believe in the bees.

Roman and Woman…
I am pretty sure that the robotic Romans have gradually replaced Woman, or Womban, as the dominating force that we live by. Womb to Womban to Woman to Roman. I cant help but notice that there is a matching pair of words ROOM and WOMB. We now live inside secured locked square Roman style rooms instead of knowing we are held safely inside the womb of Mother Earth.

German Passport…
There are the huge tuition fees for going to Uni in the UK. But if you hold a German passport, you can study in Scotland for free. It would seem there is some sort of relationship between German power and Scottish power. I personally think there is a lot of secretive stuff being run from Scotland. George Bush junior had never left the US when he became president, except for a trip to Scotland to “study”. The Royals retreat to Scotland too. And Jimmy Savile retreated there too.

I am reading his first novel Burmese Days. Written in 1934. When I read Orwell, I wonder why I bother writing a blog, we could all just read Orwell. Maybe I am just writing the same sort of stuff with modern day props. He describes the British Empire as a “device for giving trade monopolies to the English – or rather to gangs of Jews and Scotchmen”. You can see why Orwell has been phased out of schools. And why Scotch whiskey was one of the gifts from the Queen to the Pope, and why Prince Philip the German is Duke of Edinburgh, centre of Scottish power.

ABO System…
Here is another version of the ABO system. ABO does not restrict itself to blood types. “O” Levels are Ordinary level exams that kids take age 16 in UK schools, now renamed with GCSE, a “G”. A levels are “Advanced”, taken at age 18. The A levels are still going strong, and kids have to take more than ever of those. So you can see how O is not as good as A, and O has been booted out by G. This is the Alpha and the Omega, the Apple and the Orange. Original Sin. Adam Apple is more advanced than Omega Orange the female womb. Lets get rid of ordinary O and have G the generals. Meanwhile, some schools, especially the private ones, are now introducing the B. This is the Baccalaureate, to replace the G’s and the Os, because it is more international, more homogenous. So O was the beginning, then A came along and was labelled superior, now B takes the place of O, and O is being squeezed out. I think this is where we are heading if we continue hurtling forwards as directed.

Hurtling forwards…
Maybe there is nothing wrong with hurtling forwards. The only way to find out what will happen if we carry on is to explore the path. I don’t feel I need to explore it myself, I am more inclined to go sideways or backwards, but maybe that is because others are exploring the forward path for me, and I can just watch them to learn from it. If it wasn’t for all the people hurtling forwards, how would I start to realise that it is a path I don’t want to take?

O bloods…
I do not know why Os seem to be being squeezed out (orange juice style) on the one hand, when O symbolises the female womb. But on the other hand, the O blood seems to be prized and stockpiled and universal. Possibly this is the juicing process? And juicing is for sure fashionable at present. The O womb is being juiced to create vast quantities of O blood. Which we must all drink for our good health! Cheers ! There are some blood oranges around to symbolise this.

Astronomy and Economy…
Economy means management of the planet, Ecology means knowledge of the planet. In the same way, astronomy and astrology mean management and knowledge of the heavens. The MANagers of the heavens are the astronomers. They are not observers, they MANage the planets as if it is a planetarium. This maybe why Witchy Kate’s old school Marlborough has an astronomy tower. It is not far from Stone Henge which is another sort of Astronomy Tower. The age of MAN is about MANaging everything. On earth as it is in heaven. Economists and Astronomers, predominantly a male species are MANaging the female planet, and MANaging Mother Earth’s inner (not outer) space. This is all via the takeover of the Moon methinks (See http://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/moon-eye-money/).

St John’s Wort…
This is a powerful healing herb, and is in full flower on St John’s Day, 24th June. St John’s day is the day of The Order of The Bath and St John the Baptist. A very watery sort of herb, I would say. Wort is water, worter. Water is one of many words in the same group that are separated in our minds by the trickery of differences in either sound or spelling, but not both. Walk, work, word, wall, war, wart, are others. Language is a barrier, a wall within us, and between us.

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3 Responses to Ramble Returns 8/4/14

  1. Noonoo says:

    Where did the blood oranges come from? I’m not sure I had ever noticed them until very recently.

  2. Noonoo says:

    Answering my own question – from Sicily, it seems!

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes they do seem to have become a bit of a fashion, especially for valentines I think ! The bleeding hearts and bleeding wombs.
      I found some link with the Bull a while back but cant find it again. I think blood oranges are known as Bulls blood or something similar in Italy or Spain. It fits with the Pope theme and his Bulls and his job as keeper of the holes and womb and causing EMENency, i.e menstrual bleeding. Maybe he will take a blood orange as a gift when he goes to Jerusalem in his forthcoming visit.

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